Simple Swaps for Your Zero Waste Journey

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Simple Swaps for Your Zero Waste Journey

Make simple swaps

When it comes to your Zero Waste journey, picking one change to make at a time is easier than overhauling your entire life at once! Here are a few ideas to inspire you.


  1. Use a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush and compostable silk or corn floss.
  2. Refuse cotton swabs made from plastic.
  3. Consider a bidet attachment, and switch to eco-friendly toilet paper.
  4. Use cloth reusable cosmetic rounds to remove makeup.
  5. Use cloth pads, a menstrual cup, or period panties instead of disposable menstrual products.
  6. For skin care, hair care, and cosmetics, look for glass, metal, or paper tubes; refills; or solid options.
  7. Use a metal safety razor with recyclable blades.
  8. Use handkerchiefs instead of tissues.
  9. Use solid, refill, DIY, or non-plastic-packaged cleaning products and soap.


  1. Plan meals so you only buy what you need, and compost food scraps.
  2. Choose unpackaged foods from the bulk section, produce section, bakery, and butcher—and bring your own (BYO) containers.
  3. Eat at home more often, and cook from scratch when possible (batch cooking on the weekends helps!).
  4. Use reusable food wraps (such as beeswax wraps) instead of plastic wrap.
  5. Use cloth bags and reusable pouches for snacks and sandwich bags.
  6. Choose glass, paper, and (non-bisphenol A) cans instead of plastic food packaging.
  7. Use cloth napkins.
  8. Use cloths instead of paper towels.
  9. Grow your own food.

On the go:

  1. BYO glass, metal, bamboo, or silicone straw.
  2. BYO water bottle.
  3. Use a travel mug (or “for here” mug).
  4. BYO containers to restaurants for leftovers or when picking up takeout.
  5. BYO cloth napkin.
  6. BYO cutlery.
  7. BYO chopsticks.
  8. Refuse receipts.
  9. Refuse unwanted/unneeded free promotional items.


  1. Reduce your intake of meat and dairy.
  2. Buy second-hand products.
  3. Use old products fully.
  4. Hang laundry to dry.
  5. Choose clothing made from natural fibres (such as organic cotton, hemp, and linen).
  6. Cancel unnecessary mail.
  7. Donate unwanted/unneeded items.
  8. Give experience or waste-free gifts.
  9. Repair rather than replace.

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