Take Your Workout Outside!

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Take Your Workout Outside!

Sure, you’re an avid spinner, and it works for you—but why not try something new? Pop outdoors to reap some serious benefits. You’ll thank us later.

Outdoor exercise naturally experiences something of a boom during the summer months, but there may be more to it than simply enjoying the sunshine. Studies have shown that outdoor exercise revitalizes us, boosts energy and positive engagement,  and decreases tension, confusion, anger, and depression. Participants in these studies also said they enjoyed the physical activity more than if they’d completed a workout indoors, and would be more likely to work out again.

Sounds great, what are my options?

You could keep it simple and stick with running or biking; these activities don’t require much preparation and can be enjoyed at any time. To give yourself an extra mental and social boost, how about joining a running or cycling group?

Other organized options like boot camps would also be a good chance to indulge in some camaraderie while being put through your paces. Boot camps often run early in the morning or late in the evening, which is a plus when the temperatures begin to climb.

Team sports are something that, post high school, most of us wouldn’t think twice about. But, check out your local rec centre and you’ll see a huge range of options from water sports to soccer to rock climbing, for everyone from the seasoned pro to the fumbliest beginner.





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