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Jacked On Plants

Canadian women are 60 percent more likely than men to call themselves vegan or vegetarian. The reasons are tied to complex concepts of masculinity and men’s fears about losing their strength. But to b

Seeing Ethical Meat Through an Indigenous Lens

Just outside of Vancouver, the waters of the Capilano River lap at the shore as the river empties into the sea. A woman has trekked here from the opposite end of the city. She kneels, releasing a hand

Pandemic Parenting

It’s seems like an eternity since Canada reported its first COVID-19 case in January. Today, we’re slowly returning to a “new normal.” This season has been heartbreaking and stressful, especially for

The Speed of Stress From 0 to 60

What fears and worries keep you up at night? For my toddler, it’s very specific: big monkeys. For my mother, it’s retirement. Mental health experts say each generation—from kids to seniors—have unique

Love is in the Air

People often talk about how “love is in the air.” Research shows this might be true—literally! When you enter a room, your body releases sexual chemicals that tell others about you. What scents are yo

Cold, Flu, Or COVID-19?

“Don’t go outside,” our grandmothers scolded. “It’s wet. You’ll get sick!” As wise as she is, that’s not quite how the cold and flu viruses work. Let’s break it down.Invasion of the body snatchers Dr.

Fall In Love With Fitness

When it comes to staying in shape, it\'s easy to talk the talk. Having the motivation to get up and walk is a different story—and sticking with a new exercise routine can be more challenging that you m

Fuel Your Workout Like the World’s Best Athletes

Olympic athletes spend years fine-tuning their diet. Whether we compete professionally or simply want to push ourselves harder in the gym, we can learn from world-class athletes about the nutrition ti

Freedom Awaits

“How many lessons of faith and beauty we should lose, if there were no winter in our year!”—Thomas Wentworth HigginsonThe weather outside may be frightful, but for winter athletes, that makes Canada’s

Back to Fitness School

Do you find traditional gyms a little boring? Book a fitness class—you’ll be entertained and motivated like never before. New types of fitness classes are opening all the time in gyms across Canada. H