Strawberry Banana Iced Green Tea Smoothie

This cooling iced tea smoothie makes an excellent afternoon snack, perfect for a calm afternoon interlude in the shade. Give this smoothie an additional boost of antioxidants by adding a teaspoon of f

6 Tips for Vegan Meal-Planning Like a Pro

1. Include something you know they like Add an ingredient your child already likes to any new dish that you’re introducing. Vegan dad Danny Payne found that his young daughter Clara really liked hazel

The Easiest Ways to Boost Your Immune System

It seems like cold and flu season is always right around the corner. These tips can help you stay well no matter the time of year.We all dread the colds that sneak up on us. It starts with overhearing

Forever Young

The day that everything changed When Warren had shoulder pain and trouble breathing in 2010, he did what anyone in his situation would. He went to his cardiologist. One angiogram later, the now-retire

Vegan Fitness for Life

Vegan fitness and nutrition coach Karina Inkster helps you adopt two powerful healthy living habits: a plant-based diet and a consistent strength training routine. Here’s your starter kit for long-ter

New Year, New Core

Fitness depends on a strong core. Learn which muscles make up your core and the benefits of strengthening these muscles. Then try our basic workout routine to help you achieve a strong core in 2016. I

Strong & Balanced – Additional Resources

Want to learn more? Take it outside! Exercising outdoors is a great way to enjoy the benefits of nature, soak up some vitamin D, and enjoy a change of scenery. Let’s face it, it’s hard to make yoursel


Sleep On It

It has been described as the best meditation by the Dalai Lama, heaven on earth by poet Edward Lucas, and the bridge between despair and hope by entrepreneur E. Joseph Cossman: sleep is something most

6 Cold-Weather and Cold-Season Foods

These recipes will warm you up, boost your immune system, and help get you through the chilly January days.Looking to get your healthy diet back on track now that the holidays are over? These recipes

Poached Turkey with Cranberry-Mushroom Gravy

When it comes to Thanksgiving, turkey is often sacrosanct for many families, and roasting up a whole bird will always impress—as long as it doesn’t come out drier than the Sahara. But let’s be honest:

Spread Holiday Joy—Not Seasonal Germs

The holiday season means a time for sharing and happiness. It also means people spending time with others, whether it’s in the shopping mall, at the annual school Christmas concert, at family gatherin


8 Delicious Better-For-You Treats for Your Next Baking Spree

Baking a variety of different and delicious treats is all the rage right now. If you feel a little bored with just a basic loaf of bread, try diving into these unique and equally yummy desserts that h

Rhubarb Strawberry Collagen Jam

This simple condiment is perfect to jazz up your next meal. Whether you use it on toast paired with nut butter, drizzled on pancakes, dolloped on oatmeal, whisked into a salad dressing, or stirred int

Daddy Dinnertime Hacks

Being an active, engaged, and present parent is truly the most mentally, physically, and emotionally challenging and draining role on the planet. Part of being a good dad includes sharing the load whe

Quick ’n’ Easy Doesn’t Have To Be Fast ’n’ Greasy

Fast/convenience foods are easy, but they’re far from the ideal diet for a growing human. Once in a while it’s OK, but making fast food a regularity creates a potentially harmful nutritional foundatio

Grill Master

Great grate A spotless grate goes a long way toward preventing your salad ingredients from sticking. It also helps avoid imparting an unappetizing burnt flavour. The best time to clean the grate, usin

Quinoa Trout Salad with Spicy Mango Dressing

This salad consists of an irresistible assembly of nutty red quinoa, sweet grilled peppers, buttery fish, creamy avocado, and fruity dressing. Harissa paste is a North African spicy red sauce that’s p